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This site provides resources to parents and educators on digital citizenship, in the hopes that they can help their students ethically navigate the digital world with confidence and competence. You will find a collection of carefully annotated resources for parents, educators and kids. Some of the content of this site grew from the work of the California Technology Assistance Project Region IV, including the classroom poster on cyber safety, which is a free download. The site was created by and is maintained by Adrienne DeWolfe, me! All thoughts contained here are my own and do not represent my employer. Please do not repost any documents or images from my site without my permission but feel free to link to my site and content.

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About Adrienne 

All thoughts contained here are my own and do not represent my employer. I am an Educational Technology Specialist for the Contra Costa County Office of Education, providing professional development and support in the area of technology in education. I've trained and coached hundreds of educators on using iPads in the classroom, Google Apps, web 2.0 tools, online learning, digital citizenship and the common core. If you would like information about workshops, please contact me. I like to think of myself as a tenacious life-long learner and hope that I inspire a little love of learning in others. I have a masters from Harvard University's Technology in Education program, two California teaching credentials and an administrative credential. I am the parent of two digital natives in elementary and middle school, who keep me on my toes...