Real-world dilemmas with videos and collaborative projects to voice your ideas for making smart, safe choices online.

Google Alerts
Track mention of your
 name online. Make sure your digital reputation is positive as you apply for college and jobs.

Interactive tools defining what it means to "cross the line" 
Videos, games and comics teach online safety

Narratives from teens about real experiences of online victimization
Find ways to address bullying, take action and be heard 
Organize a Pink Shirt Day on your campus and tell the world that “BULLYING STOPS HERE!” 
Address dating violence, unhealthy relationships, and digital abuse. Get involved with their ambassador program.


Ages 13-17

Have you or someone you know been upset by bullying and cyberbullying? You can get information and resources here. Join national upstander campaigns and make a difference. Let your voice be heard and be an active digital citizen by getting involved.
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