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Parenting in the Digital Age - Vintage High, Napa, March 19, 2013

posted Feb 16, 2015, 5:14 PM by Adrienne DeWolfe
Vintage High Agenda


  1. 1.Start early - 

  2. Do online field trips: Common Sense Media: Best of the web for families

  3. Show a willingness to listen

  1. 2.Get involved in their digital lives

  2. Set a positive example

  3. Common Sense Media: Family media mgt.

     Facebook - A Parents' Guide to Facebook

  1. 3.Keep current

  2. CommonSense Media

  3. NetFamily News

  1. 4.Initiate conversations

  2. Family Media Use Agreements fromNetsmartz and Common Sense Media

  1. 5.Help them monitor their digital reputation

  2. Google Alerts

  3. Online Reputation Video from iKeepSafe

  1. 6.Keep computer in a public place

  1. 7.Have a cell phone parking area and no phones at bedtime

  1. 8.Consider your lease policy

  1. 9.Talk about your concerns

  1. 10.Tell your children you won’t blame them