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St Marys Parent Night

Parenting in the Digital Age
Parenting in the Digital Age by Adrienne DeWolfe


Post questions to:

  1. MultiMedia & Kids 
  2. Concerns 
    • Privacy
    • Digital Reputation
    • Inappropriate Content
    • Screen Time
    • Cyberbullying
  3. Resources and Tips
  4. Discussion & Questions

Your Homework

1. Initiate conversations and set boundaries

2. Get involved in their digital lives
3. Talk about your concerns, and tell your children you won’t blame them 
4. Set a positive example
5. Keep current and sign up for newsletters
6. Get to know parental controls on your gadgets
7. Keep computer in a public place

8. Have a cell phone parking area
  • No phones at bedtime 
9. Consider your lease policy 

10. Help older teens monitor their digital reputation


Activity 1

Use Commonsense media to search reviews, read parent concerns and sign up for newsletter. 

Share with your group.

CommonSense Media site image to show how to search reviews.

Activity 2

Review safe search settings in google and youtubemanaging devices and media use agreements.

Setting up safe searching on google and youtube.

CommonSense Media Use Agreement